Digital Signage and the new life of the info kiosk

In many developed countries, information (navigation) kiosks / terminals are experiencing a real boom. With the active introduction of Digital Signage from a means of increasing loyalty, they have turned into a full-fledged profit-making tool. In Russia, the DS system appeared, in principle, later, therefore, interactive kiosks have not received the proper distribution from us. Of course, this is only for now.

Initially, the infokiosk was a standalone device with a static display, all the necessary information was stored in the memory of his computer. Updates had to be downloaded in each case separately. As a rule, such a terminal performed a navigation and information function. With the development of technology and the advent of Digital Signage, not only has the operation and maintenance of info kiosks become easier (all data can be downloaded centrally, varying depending on the characteristics of a particular outlet), but their functionality has significantly expanded. And, importantly, it became possible to recoup the installation of these devices.

As a result, retail is widely interested in the new-old system of infokiosks. Firstly, multi-touch screens have taken navigation to new heights: visitors to large shopping centers can now use several levels of detail, view routes in 3D, scale, build routes based on their location - all that they’re used to using a smartphone. An interesting detail: as studies show, buyers, despite the presence of special applications from retail, prefer not to download them and not to overload their smartphones, but to use information kiosks. On the other hand, the integration of the info kiosk with the mobile application allows you to inform the buyer about the approach to the destination, as well as send him the coupons of the stores to which he is approaching.

But to impoverish the possibilities of modern infokiosks with one navigation would, of course, be stupid - and this is secondly. Now it is a full-fledged assistant for the buyer, in many cases replacing the seller / cashier. The main role of such devices is that the client can use them to get any information on the product, using the barcode that is brought to the scanner, or by entering the necessary data in the search bar. Assortment, price, availability in this store or in any store in the network, manufacturer, expiration date - all this can be easily found out without looking for a seller. You can choose the color, accessories; in a clothing store - pick up shoes, in a furniture store - the color and texture of curtains, in a bookstore - listen to an audio passage, etc. The possibilities are virtually endless.

And, importantly, this is an advertising medium - and here the capabilities of Digital Signage are important. The buyer can receive information about discounts and promotions during contact with the information kiosk (and this content can always be updated using DS. But as an advertising platform, the screen of such a device also works in an inactive mode. Such terminals can use face recognition technologies, determine gender and the age of people passing by to display targeted advertising - and display it at certain times ..

And this applies not only to information kiosks installed in shops and shopping centers, but also to street navigation and information terminals for tourists, metro passengers and other types of public transport, hotel clients, etc. For example, such anti-vandal terminals were installed on the streets of Sochi during the Olympic Games, they appear in many western tourist centers, making it easier for travelers to find attractions and information about them, hotels, restaurants, metro stations and so on. Such information kiosks, of course, have a great future, because the circle of interested in their appearance is very large: municipalities, advertising agencies, hoteliers, restaurateurs, discount services - and, of course, consumers themselves. The loyalty of the latter is largely due to two factors: do they value their time and provide them with good service.