Digital Signage - a set of interactive panels as an increase in the status of a company

How to calculate the effectiveness of Digital Signage? Of course, a large number of factors influence the sales curve, and digital solutions are not a magic wand. DS can be compared with an old violin (ok, let it be Stradivarius): a talented musician will extract magical sounds from it, a person without hearing - you know what. But the digital “Stradivarius” also has visible KPIs: this is an increase in the average check for a certain time, an increase in sales of specific goods or product groups, an increase in sales of goods that were not previously popular, an increase in the popularity of promotional offers, an increase in traffic, etc. But you need to understand that in addition to the short-term result, this system ALWAYS has a time delay. Namely, the impact on the image, which turns into a separate marketing strategy. That is, the presence of modern digital systems in the retailer’s arsenal forms the image of the company that meets the most urgent consumer needs. In the end, this also has a rather powerful effect on capitalization - it just does not immediately become noticeable.