DS (part 12)

An important advantage of Digital Signage is the ability to build a large-scale network consisting of many unique segments. Each segment is a separate content for each specific point of sale. Take retail as an example: if our goal is maximum efficiency (and this, of course, is a universal goal), the content, by definition, cannot be the same for a bedroom district, or a historical center, or a business center. Imagine how in this case to build an advertising strategy using traditional static media - these are hundreds of banners to be replaced when promotional offers appear, on the eve of the holidays, with the onset of the new season, etc. What more in-depth targeting (depending on gender, age of buyers, etc.) can be discussed here? But DS allows you to easily take into account these and dozens of other nuances - and now you turn into a magician, who jokingly can juggle content as needed for the best result. Without digital technology, NEVER do it.