Digital Signage - Controlling Visitor Attention with Content

Continuing our series of articles on managing visitor attention using Digital Signage technology. No one will argue with the fact that a hungry person, especially if it is a man, you can sell anything in the evening. The main thing is to present this product deliciously. And if we see that in the region of 19: 00–20: 00 in the store there are 70% of men and 30% of women, it makes sense to display advertisements specially prepared for the male audience. - Based on the analysis of food baskets and gender / age and other parameters, segment advertising content on screens, build a strategy for temporary targeting, etc. The following content can be displayed online: store shares / affiliates, advertising content, targeted product offering, targeted promotional offers, offering new products and popular products, offering related products, bundles and cross-selling, as well as basket products segments. In addition, with the help of digital advertising, you can conduct A / B testing of new offers in real time, as well as “squeeze” products that are often refused.