Digital Signage and its application in retail

#digitalsignage and its application in retail. Sales management based on analysis of statistics on purchases, a portrait of target audience, and targeting. After analyzing the data and dividing all customers into segments, you can build a media strategy. It determines in what proportion of the total airtime what content needs to be shown in order to achieve maximum efficiency. For example, if a person (or segment) visits a store on Wednesday evening and Saturday morning, there is no point in showing ads for him on other days, as well as showing content that is not of interest to him. We know the approximate composition of the population around the store, the number of children, men and women living in the area, as well as their average earnings. All this information must be used when creating advertising content. Of course, a decision should not be made once and for all. Analysts may suggest that on Sunday morning only women visit the store and prepare supposedly interesting content for them. However, in practice this assumption may be erroneous. By the way, sometimes three days are enough to achieve the desired effect - subject to standard traffic.