Digital Signage - the main problems in the preparation of content and their overcoming

There are three main problems in the preparation of content that we always pay attention to. The first is an attempt to make the content at random. One must accept the fact that when using DS, it is not the store or DS that sells. And it sells the content. Around the content should line up the entire marketing policy. The second problem is that there is no desire to target content. Everyone understands that if you turn to the “Everyone” screen, it means turning to “No one.” But stubbornly continue to distribute the same content throughout the network. If you show the same offers at the same time in stores in different areas, this will give an extremely low result. Because in these areas a completely different audience lives, and they start and end their day at different times. You should pay more attention to content policy and message targeting when building communications with customers. The third problem is the difficulty in preparing huge amounts of content on the network. When you need to increase sales, difficulties begin. The average store is 2000–3000 SKUs; you cannot create several templates; to speed up the placement of shares, you need to use the IDESK advertising designer. This greatly simplifies the preparation and placement of promotional positions.