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Main functionality of interactive navigation

3D navigation from location to endpoint.
Replacement of information service cost reduction
Profitable marketing instrument for broadcasting paid advertising and own promotions
Interactive whiteboard that enhances the reputation of the shopping mall
Ability to combine navigation through the shopping and business center if they are in the same building in one device.
Quickly search for information, product categories and or stores. Search by category
Searching by category
When searching by category on the digital navigation panel, selecting, for example, the category "shoes", the user will see all the stores of this category on the interactive map screen
Interactive navigation
Your visitors can use the navigation in the shopping and business center on our panel, the navigation will take your customer through all floors to the desired store.
Shop/Brand Description
The visitor of the shopping center can not only build navigation, but also get acquainted with the information about the store or brand without leaving the interactive panel
Searching for a specific store and building a route to it
Find the right shop or office on the map and build a route to it, through all the floors of entrances/exits
Advertising broadcast
With the help of the interactive digital navigation panel you can broadcast your ads, static pictures or video clips, as a wallpaper on the main screen or in the store card or brand, which will give you the opportunity to increase profits by selling airtime.
интерактивная карта торгового центра категория магазинов на интерактивной навигации интерактивная навигация в категории шопинг карточка магазина на цифровой интерактивной карте

Interactive navigation control panel

Interactive digital navigation from IDesk, as well as information interactive panel is controlled centrally and remotely via the Internet from a single administrative panel opened in any browser. Flexible configuration allows you to: instantly add, change or delete content that is broadcast to your visitor; choose the time of displaying certain content. Digital interactive navigation can be used as a self-sufficient solution for shopping and business centers, but the maximum effect of interaction with the customer is achieved when using it in combination with digital signage systems.

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