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Digital signage capabilities

Increases the overall effectiveness of advertising, and as a consequence, the number of sales;

Provides an opportunity for additional income through the rental of advertising space to partners;

Improves the experience gained by the visitor when visiting the location of digital signage systems;

Flexible emphasis on what you want your visitors to see, for example: promotion of a particular store, brand or action, new menu options, meals of the day, etc;

The ability to show different content at the same place at different times of day, and therefore different groups of visitors;

Flexible management of style and design, both the screen itself and the content played on it;

Information function: notification of upcoming or ongoing events and events;

Helps to create and maintain a positive image in the visitor's mind;

Ability to influence the visitor through several channels: visual and sound;

The effectiveness of dynamic advertising is incomparable higher than that of static advertising;

Quick and easy updating of information;

Ability to use in any location you need (bar, spa, recreation area, conference rooms, fitness area, etc.);

Digital signage is not only a tool to attract and entertain guests, but also an element of indoor design;

Ability to show mixed content, that is, on one side of the screen can be played video, on the other picture, and on the third text content simultaneously.

Main functionality of Digital Signage

Common Space
Multi-window content placement is supported based on multilayer composition with animation. In digital signage systems there is a free grouping of video surfaces, including a group in a group.
Scenario setting
Create complex scenarios for content demonstration and use as a digital pointer screen at the same time, and set up the broadcast schedule for both individual displays and their groups.
Changing content
Ability to quickly replace and correct messages in parallel with the display on any digital signage screen
Adaptation for different devices
The Digital Signage solution from IDesk is adapted to all interfaces and device diagonals. It is used on standard LED panels, videowalls, as well as unformatted LED screens
Comfort and ease of operation of the system
Intuitive content management. Possibility to create local and distributed broadcasting networks with a single digital signage control center.
Mixed content
Ability to display digital signage on one screen at a time: video, picture or sites and text content in the form of, for example, a ticker line.
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Visualization, attracting attention and increasing comfort

Digital Signage allows you to organize information or entertainment for your audience, advertise products and services. Used as: digital advertising screens / billboards with audio / video advertising, digital direction indicators, digital service screens / panels.

With the development of IDesk our partners increase the reputation and prestige of their business, creating a comfortable modern space for their customers.

Digital Signage can be used as a independet solution or in combination with:

Good afternoon, can your IDESK DIGITAL SIGNAGE software broadcast content only to TVs?
Good afternoon, no, as well as street screens, video walls, shop windows, etc.
And your IDESK DIGITAL SIGNAGE software can broadcast only static images?
You can also broadcast animation, sound videos, airport schedules, weather, digital signage, advertising materials, and various types of content on the same screen, horizontally or vertically, using IDESK DIGITAL SIGNAGE software on your GIF TVs and screens.
What do I need to buy an IDESK DIGITAL SIGNAGE system?
To do this, you need to contact the sales department by phone at 8 800 600 54 78 and specify the number of screens, also ask if they are divided into zones of broadcast content, get a commercial offer and presentation of the capabilities of IDESK DIGITAL SIGNAGE on your screens.
What if I don't have the ready content for IDESK DIGITAL SIGNAGE?
You can control the placement of content remotely on any device in your personal cabinet, as well as in your personal cabinet there is a constructor of menus, GIF animation, advertising posters and banners, so even in the absence of a marketer it will be very easy for you to create and place in three clicks your advertising offers on all screens, tablets and video walls, as well as floor interiors.
And if I also need to activate IDESK DIGITAL SIGNAGE and buy and install TV and screens?
Our company is ready to provide you with IDESK DIGITAL SIGNAGE end-to-end solution: select screens, connect them, connect IDESK DIGITAL SIGNAGE, and prepare the necessary content as agreed with you.
Ready to order?
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