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Возможности информационной интерактивной панели

Повысить уровень имиджевой составляющей отеля.

В наглядной форме показать пользователю как выглядят различные зоны отеля.

Рассказать о достопримечательностях города или же рекламировать своих партнеров.

Информировать о погоде в районе отеля и ближайших курортных городах.

Предоставлять информацию на любых языках.

Информировать клиента о событиях, происходящих в отеле и в городе.

Вовлечь гостя во взаимодействие с отелем и тем самым повысить вероятность его возвращения.

Снизить необходимость коммуникации гостя с персоналом.

Получить дополнительный доход за счет размещения рекламы партнеров.

Транслировать он-лайн табло близлежащих аэропортов.

Получить аналитику наиболее популярных услуг и зон отеля.

Main functionality of the interactive panel

Hotel information
The information panel contains a list and description of all hotel facilities: rooms, bar, conference rooms, swimming pool, gym, recreation and entertainment areas. Your guests will quickly and fully receive information about the hotel, and will be able to use it throughout the entire stay.
Objects that you can recommend to your guests, from your events to museums, theatres and other places of interest. Each unit is equipped with beautiful graphics, descriptions and modes of operation. With the help of the interactive information panel your guests will be able to quickly get information and immerse themselves in the atmosphere of an unfamiliar city.
Destination map
List of recommended objects on the city map. Add any places and important events that will be of interest to your guests in the information panel. Now you can throw away all paper guidebooks and not clog the hotel with waste paper. With the help of the destination map your guests will be able to plan an excursion, business route and get maximum positive feelings.
Air travel
The info panel contains an online schedule of local airports, departures and arrivals. The information will be useful if guests are waiting for their friends and other group members to arrive. The flight board will help you to get information about your flight and never miss it.
Summary of weather at the place of stay and nearest resorts. A simple and convenient function that allows you to plan your wardrobe and travel based on weather conditions. You will be able to specify the points and objects, where in your opinion the guests will be important meteorological information. These may be nearby cities or specific areas on the ground.
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Individual design and corporate style of the hotel

We will create for you a bright and dynamic interface design of the interactive dashboard, designed exclusively for your style and interior. Your information screen will leave no one indifferent.

With IDesk's developments such as the interactive dashboard, digital signage and digital interactive navigation, our partners make it much easier for guests to stay in unfamiliar surroundings, combining space into a comfortable ecosystem of quality life.

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Touch devices (info kiosks) - a means of increasing customer loyalty and ... a tool for direct increase in profits. Moreover, this applies not only to hotels, airports, etc., where they are used as a means of obtaining information / navigation, but also to shops! For example, a client brings a barcode to a reader and receives all the necessary information about the product. Or flips through a digital catalog and can find out if, for example, this or that size is on sale. And while this function is inactive, the retail terminal acts as an advertising platform, displaying information about the promotions, the goods / groups of goods you need. The kiosk doesn’t mean anything, a displeased person doesn’t grimace, you don’t need to run around the store in order to ask something. Great for introvert buyers.
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